The Psychological Effects of Christmas Giving

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Published: 18th November 2010
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Christmas is a unique moment of the year wherein generosity fills the air - people give with open hearts to their loved ones. Likewise, this season nurtures love and spirit in our relationships. According to researches, people who give without expecting to receive anything in return and who do not feel lessened with the act of giving are thought to be the most psychologically healthy in our society nowadays. The following are 7 advantages of giving:

1. Creates Relationships - giving emphasizes gratitude in addition to acknowledgement of each other and thus is a critical component for establishing relationships.

2. Intensifies Relationships - simply by way of sharing past and future thoughts do we give ourselves in intimate ways. It is an enjoyable experience at Christmas to come together, sharing presents and wishes for the years to come. This intensifies human relationships as we share and express ourselves more to those around us.

3. Expresses Inner thoughts - giving convey and displays feelings and more particularly to those who aren't comfortable with the outward expression of emotions. Giving is a chance to convey a wide array of feelings, for instance gratitude, appreciations and thanks.

4. Makes Memory - by means of giving we come into terms with various ways to creating memories. Our own desires to care, show interest, share time, loyalty, honesty and by taking that extra step to do something special for a special someone (preparing a special meals, making poems for our loved ones or making a special gift as a symbol of love) are just some of the hundreds of ways we can share and create memories that last for a lifetime.

5. Ensures Predictability - Everybody is fascinated by their "abilities" to predict things. With children, in particular, predictability gives them a sense of security. Through the anticipated act of gift giving especially during birthdays and Christmas celebrations, the expectation of appreciation, in addition to acknowledgement of love, is created by the simple ritual of giving.

6. De-stressor - the real meaning of giving is centered on unselfishness - sharing with no expectations of anything in return. It is about putting other people first way ahead of ourselves. This act of giving takes the focus away from us, creating a more balanced way of handling the stresses in life.

7. Creates Marvels - hooking up with the community by giving entails many advantages. It reinforces love in everybody's lives. It creates some sort of power which in turn makes miracles when as one, we give for everybody else's sake.

The act of giving is an outward expression of our love that's rooted deep within our hearts. There are countless ways by which we give - with encouraging words, our listening, attention, time as well as material presents. The physical, emotional and material aspect of giving acts as an adhesive holds people together and restores our love people's love for each other, creates cherished memories that last a lifetime, strengthens human relationships and develop psychological health stability and happiness for ourselves and everybody around us.

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